Toothaches Must Be Treated

Parties and dinners, gift exchanges and pageants, charity events and fundraisers.The holiday season can be a bit hectic! It’s tempting to let the little things slide. If your brushing and flossing habits slip, that could mean a toothache. Toothaches can really throw a wrench in your holiday plans! First, how can a tooth hurt? The inside of your tooth is... read more »

The Stages of Oral Cancer

Knowing the stages of oral cancer is often crucial in successful recoveries. At earlier stages, successful recoveries are much more likely. Thus, the sooner r you are treated for the disease, the greater the likelihood of a positive out. Here are a few tips on what to look for when you think you may be suffering from oral cancer: -... read more »

Treat Your Cavities to Death via Dental Filling

Cavities can create killer smiles, and not in a good way. If a cavity is unleashed on your mouth and remains untreated, it can seep deep into a tooth and allow bacteria to infect it, ultimately leading to death of the tooth. Instead, you should eradicate all cavities as soon as they appear, often times with the use of a... read more »

What Are the Risks for Sleep Apnea?

Have you ever had a full night’s sleep but still woke up completely drained and exhausted the next morning? There is a chance that your sleep was interrupted all night long by a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea consists of irregular breathing patterns while you sleep, and is often caused by misconnections from the brain to the muscles, or... read more »