Would You Benefit From Root Canal Therapy?

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Would you be surprised if we told you that some of the “facts” you have heard regarding root canal therapy may not be true? Did you know that the main reason patients undergo root canal therapy is to treat problems such as trauma and tooth decay? At Orangeburg Dental Associates, we want to provide you with genuine information about root canal therapy to help you determine if it’s right for you.

When a root canal (an inner chamber of the tooth) becomes damaged, it can’t heal by itself, which means the tooth will eventually die if you don’t receive important treatment from a dental professional. If a tooth dies, extracting it may be the only possible option. Fortunately, root canal therapy has improved drastically over time to not only be more effective in preserving teeth, but also provide patients with a more comfortable experience. Despite its bad reputation, many people report that receiving root canal therapy is no more unpleasant than filling a cavity.

Root canal treatment has improved for many reasons. For one, dental technology has advanced, which means our team can perform treatment with thinner and more flexible tools. This allows us to treat your smile with greater precision. Also, dental X-ray technology is better than ever, so we can ensure your root canal procedure is performed as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Although root canal therapy is not the traumatic experience many patients envision, we encourage you to avoid the need for this treatment so that we can treat your smile as minimally as possible. Keep your smile in excellent health by brushing and flossing every day and scheduling visits with the dentist every six months. (Though, please be aware that you may still need to undergo root canal therapy in spite of these efforts.)

If you are interested in learning more about root canal therapy in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and whether your smile would benefit from this restorative treatment, schedule a meeting with our dentist, Samuel Lambrecht. Contact our office at 803-534-1020 today!