Treasure Your Teeth and Receive Dental Sealants

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When you view your back teeth in the mirror, do you see biting surfaces full of deep textures like little mountains and valleys? The molars and premolars are often deeply ridged to grind food into edible mulch, but they could become a health risk if daily brushing and flossing aren’t digging up trapped food particles and plaque. When harmful substances linger in your teeth, you could develop large cavities and need to receive large dental fillings.

Dental sealants can coat the biting surfaces of risky back teeth to prevent cavities from developing in these areas. Our dentist at Orangeburg Dental Associates uses plastic resin to coat each molar and premolar in a durable material that we harden with a special ultraviolet light. This ensures your teeth are protected by a hard barrier so that harmful plaque and food particles can’t cause tooth decay. Our dentist can easily place your sealants at the end of your dental checkup.

By covering the occlusal surfaces, we can enhance your dental health for years. Dental sealants can endure many years of routine brushing and flossing without wearing off. However, we encourage proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth because sealants alone won’t protect your teeth from decay.

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