Sometimes an Overcrowded Tooth Needs to Be Extracted Before Installing Braces

Overcrowding can occur with your child’s permanent teeth as they emerge from the gums. The tight spacing on specific area can significantly alter the alignment of multiple teeth. This could leave them at increased risk of suffering dental attrition and dental fractures on multiple related teeth in their bite pattern. In a situation like this you should strongly consider scheduling... read more »

What You Can Do to Boost Your Healthy Smile

At Orangeburg Dental Associates in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Dr. Samuel Lambrecht and Dr. Daniel West are pleased to help you boost your healthy smile. While we realize that you work hard every day to achieve and maintain your healthy smile, there are some simple tips you can implement that will boost your efforts. Watch what happens when you incorporate these... read more »

What Is Root Resorption?

When your little one’s teeth fall out, they actually go through a process known as resorption. During this process, the roots of your child’s teeth will be reabsorbed into the gums, which allow the teeth to fall out. However, adults could also have resorption, which could lead to a number of problems. Fortunately, there are a few things you can... read more »