Oral Health Care Highlights: Tooth Restorations

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If you would like to speak with your dentist about a tooth restoration, think about which procedures will be best for your smile. Numerous treatments including dental crowns, dental veneers, teeth whitening treatments, and dental fillings, all exist with specific benefits in mind to enhance the function of your smile and improve its look as well. Here are their benefits:

– Dental crowns conceal teeth on all sides down to the gum line for a durable hold that can protect teeth from future damage. Furthermore, dental crowns often last up to 20 years of heavy use and can easily be modified to your oral health care needs.

– Dental veneers are very effective forms of tooth restoration treatments that not only enhance the protection the fronts of your teeth receive but also upgrade the aesthetics of your smile. Dental veneers are created to conceal the fronts of teeth and are extremely durable as they can often last for up to a decade of wear.

– If you have any cavities, which are holes in your tooth enamel, they will need to be treated with dental fillings. If left untreated, further erosion can arise, and you may end with a dead tooth. Dental fillings stop the cavity in its tracks and can help thwart tooth death from occurring.

– Teeth whitening treatment systems are crafted to improve your smile by eradicating deep stains and discolorations, and whitening and brightening your teeth. Many varieties of teeth whitening treatments exist. However, the highest quality teeth whitening treatment system is a professional tooth whitening procedure applied at the hands of your dentist directly in the office.

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