Consider Mouthwash

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Want to upgrade your oral hygiene routine? Consider mouthwash. But before you go shopping, there are a few things you should know.

First, there are two types of mouthwash: cosmetic and antiseptic. Cosmetic mouthwash only freshens your breath. Antiseptic mouthwash rids your mouth of bad bacteria that causes plaque, giving your smile an extra clean. They also often contain fluoride, which strengthens your teeth enamel, fortifying your smile against cavities. When you go shopping look only for antiseptic mouthwash with the ADA seal to ensure that the product is both safe and effective for your smile.

Many commercials advertise that certain types of antiseptic mouthwash can be just as effective at cleaning bacteria and food particles as flossing. While mouthwash is a popular form of oral care in many homes, it is to be used supplementary to flossing. When it comes to cleaning between your teeth and the gum line, flossing is far more effective. Use mouthwash at the end of your oral hygiene routine to make sure your mouth is squeaky clean.

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