A Dental Bridge Restoration Might Be Able to Replace a Knocked Out Tooth

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Dental emergencies and oral trauma can sometimes impact a tooth with so much force that it cleaves off at the gumline or completely knocked out of the socket. In a moment like this timely oral first-aid is important while seeking emergency treatment from one of our skilled dentists, Dr. Samuel Lambrecht or Dr. Daniel West.

This could call for rinsing away blood and oral debris with a gentle saltwater rinse. Bleeding tissues in the mouth can be packed lightly with sterile gauze to help minimize blood loss.

If a knocked out tooth is whole and kept alive they might be able to insert it back in place. You can preserve the tooth by holding it between your cheek and gums or by securing it in a tooth-preservation gel made from a Hanks Balanced Salt Solution.

Once you arrive at Orangeburg Dental Associates, we will do all we can to provide you with emergency treatment. This might include a root canal or performing a dental extraction. If the tooth needs to be removed we might recommend replacing it with a dental bridge, after all the traumatized soft tissues have fully healed.

If you are in the Orangeburg, South Carolina, area and you have a badly damaged or knocked out tooth, we encourage you not to delay calling 803-534-1020 to seek emergency treatment at Orangeburg Dental Associates.  We are here to help you receive the