A Dental Bridge Can Restore Your Smile

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If you have missing teeth, you are at a disadvantage. Not will you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social and work settings, but a full set of teeth allows a person to eat and speak more efficiently. Missing teeth give plaque and bacteria extra places to accumulate, and will allow your remaining teeth to drift out of alignment.

Many people can benefit from implants. Implants are sturdy and stimulate the growth of your jawbone. However, you need to have healthy gums and enough jawbone to support the implants, and certain medications and medical conditions may mean that implants are not a good choice for you. Dentures are an inexpensive and relatively quick way to restore your smile, but some people are not comfortable wearing them.

A good compromise between the two is a dental bridge. A dental bridge is placed directly in your mouth and can be brushed and flossed without removing it, but it does not require surgery and there are fewer requirements to have a bridge placed.

To place a bridge, your dentist will sue the teeth at each end of the gap in your mouth to anchor the bridge. The dentist will remove the enamel from those teeth to reveal the dentin, over which crowns will be placed. The dentist will take an impression of the area and send it to a dental lab which will create your bridge. In the meantime, the dentist will place temporary crowns and a bridge to protect the dentin. When your bridge is ready, the dentist will place it, and your permanent crowns to your teeth with dental cement.

Although your crown is not one of your natural teeth, it still needs to be brushed and flossed along with your other teeth. If you have trouble flossing your bridge, try using a water flosser or a floss threader. Your gums need to be healthy for your crowns to be stable and to do their jobs.

If you are interested in using a bridge to fill in the gaps in your smile, our dentist, Dr. Samuel Lambrecht will be happy to help. If you live in the Orangeburg, South Carolina, area, call 803-534-1020 today.